Orders of Protection

Abusive relationships are far too common. Unfortunately, securing an Order of Protection is not always an easy task. Lavelle Law attorney Kristina Regal explains how to navigate the legal system so as to secure protection from an abusive partner.

Slip and Fall

A very common legal case involves injury claims from slipping or falling on someone’s property. Experienced Lavelle Law litigator Joe Vito explains different defense options for cases of this nature and some of the key tactics a defense attorney must utilize.

Elder Law

As society ages, there are many additional concerns regarding health and finances for the elderly. A sound estate plan is a great way to provide protection against mistreatment of any kind. Lavelle Law attorney Michael Roth discusses key ways to prevent the many types of elder abuse that can occur against an aging population.


Taking a matter of litigation through the court system can be a lengthy and expensive process. In some cases, arbitration may be a much better alternative. Lavelle Law attorney Lance Ziebell explains the benefits and process associated with arbitration in this video. It’s a great overview of how you may get a dispute resolved more quickly and in a shorter period of time.

Prescription Drug DUI

Did you know that if you are stopped for a traffic violation and are found to be taking prescription drugs that you may face the same penalties as if you were stopped for a DUI? Any possible impairment caused by prescription medication can lead to serious ramifications. Defense attorney James Doerr provides guidelines on the do’s and don’ts of getting behind the wheel while taking prescribed medications.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Have you lost your driving privileges due to a DUI or other charge? Lavelle Law attorney James Doerr explains how to regain your right to drive through a reinstatement process. Learn what steps to take to get your life back in order and once again be able to drive to work, family outings and other activities that you’ve been missing.

The Business Guide to Law

Most attorneys, from recent law school graduates to experienced practitioners, are well-versed on the technical aspects of being a lawyer. Far fewer, however, have been taught the skills needed to successfully manage a law practice. In his book, “The Business Guide to Law: Creating and Operating a Successful Law Firm” Lavelle Law Partner, Kerry Lavelle, shares his vast knowledge on the subject. This unique and detailed book dives deep into topics from setting up your office to succession planning, and everything in between. Click here to order your copy today:

Selling Your Business

You’ve invested a lot of yourself into building a small business so don’t overlook the need for a strategy to successfully sell it when you are ready to transition out. Lavelle Law attorney Jim Voigt shares his many years of experience as he guides you through the options to prepare your business for sale.

A Deed Well Done

Real Estate attorney, Kelly Anderson, explains the importance of having a deed recorded. She addresses the purpose of a deed, the types of deeds, and the requirements involved with recording one.