Faxes and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

What can and can’t you fax under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act? Who can you send faxes to and when? In this podcast, these questions and more are answered by attorney Lance Ziebell.

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  • junk fax
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  • telephone consumer protection act

Social Media Marketing for Professional Service Businesses

In this podcast, attorney Kerry Lavelle and Daily Herald business writer Jim Kendall explore how a professional service firm can use social media platforms to enhance their practices.

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Organizing a Tax-Exempt Entity

For anyone interested in establishing charities and other organizations that are exempt from federal and state taxation, it is important that they understand the steps they must take at both the federal and state level to obtain their exemption from income taxation, and retain that exemption. In this podcast, attorney Joshua Nesser discusses these steps and explains the process of obtaining tax exemption.

  • 501(c)(3)
  • charity
  • tax-exempt
  • IRS

Complying with the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The final ruling on one of a seven part rule proposal, the Food Safety Modernization Act, focuses on keeping food safe during transportation. The rule applies to shippers, loaders, and carriers by motor or rail vehicles, with Third Party Logistics (3PLs) potentially falling under the definition of shipper. In this podcast, attorney Christopher Williams explains the FSMA, its impact, and when you need to be compliant.

  • FSMA
  • 3PL
  • FTS
  • trucking and freight transportation
  • logistics

The Case Against Texting and . . .Walking?!

In 2008, Illinois attempted to pass a bill that would have made crossing the street while using a cell phone subject to a fine. Although the bill did not pass, the case against distracted walking may have a moment of resurgence. Currently, a representative from New Jersey is proposing similar legislation to the New Jersey Assembly which would make it a crime to text while walking. In this podcast, attorney Sarah Flohr discusses a similar law proposed in Illinois.

  • texting
  • walking
  • distract
  • government overreaching
  • dunkin
  • pedestrian safety act

Divorce Prove-Up 101

In this podcast, attorney Heidi Kuffel discusses Prove-Ups and what you can expect in a Prove-Up hearing of a divorce proceeding.

  • divorce
  • prove-up
  • msa
  • marital settlement agreement
  • marriage dissolution
  • judgement of dissolution

Retail Leases in the New Economy

Shopping centers are finding it harder and harder to get new, quality tenants. Why? In this podcast, attorney Kerry Lavelle addresses how commercial real estate has changed over the last ten years and the current makeup of retail tenants in today’s economy.

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  • shopping centers
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Estate Planning for New Parents

Congratulations! You just had your first (or maybe your second, third, fourth?) child. Exciting times indeed. You work hard, you've saved enough money, you have life insurance; you are ready for this journey. But in the event of your untimely death or disability, who do you want to raise your child? How will your assets and money that will pass to your children be managed? And by whom? All of these unanswered questions can be solved by various estate planning documents. But without these vitally important safeguards, some judge you've never met, or family you don't trust, will make these decisions for you. Instead of leaving it to chance, take charge today to ensure that your wishes are memorialized and followed. In this podcast, attorney Ryan Gardner explains the necessary steps to take to maintain control over your affairs and wishes with respect to your assets, but most importantly, for your children.

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  • trusts
  • estate planning
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  • life insurance
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Claims in Decedent’s Estates

What happens when someone dies and they owe you money? Or, if you are the executor or administrator (representative of the Estate), how will you know who to pay out of the estate to decedent’s creditors? In this podcast, attorney Jennifer Burt explains the specific rules that dictate how and when claims are filed against a decedent’s estate. She also discusses the seven different classes of claims.

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  • Claims
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  • estates
  • limitation on claims
  • priority
  • classification of claims
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Medicaid and Special Needs Planning for the Personal Injury Attorney

In this podcast, attorney Michael Roth provides an overview for personal injury and medical malpractice plaintiff lawyers on spotting issues related to individuals who are injured and low income.

  • medicaid
  • special needs trust
  • obra trusts
  • supplemental security income (ssi)
  • needs based benefits
  • entitlement benefits
  • medicare
  • social security disability income
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