Contract Basics – What Every Business Owner Must Know About Contracts

Contracts are used extensively throughout business. And if business owners are not careful, they may end up signing a contract that contains several unfavorable terms. This podcast, with attorney Ted McGinn, is designed to present basic concepts that any business owner can use when reviewing a contract.

  • contract
  • guaranty
  • non-competition provisions
  • breach

Two-Way No-Contact Orders

When people obtain orders of protection, often they find that the Respondent’s attorney wants to dismiss the Order of Protection and instead agree to a two-way no-contact order. In this podcast, Kristina Regal explores the benefits and pitfalls of these alternative orders.

  • order of protection
  • domestic violence
  • domestic abuse
  • court advocates
  • no-contact orders
  • stalking
  • harassment

Discovery Process in Criminal Cases

This podcast, with defense attorney James Doerr, focuses on the discovery process in criminal cases, the tools (Motions for Discovery, Subpoenas) used by defense attorneys to obtain evidence, the evidence review process and ultimately the defenses that arise based upon the review of evidence.

  • motion for discovery
  • subpoenas
  • criminal law
  • felony
  • misdemeanor
  • pre-trial motions
  • evidence

Laws Taking Effect January 1 That May Affect Your Business

In this podcast, attorney Heather Glaser provides a summary of laws that Illinois business owners need to be aware of including changes to non-compete agreements, updates to protected information classifications, felony charges added to returning rental equipment late, more expansive building requirements to increase accessibility to those with disabilities, and more.

  • non-compete
  • Facebook
  • PHI
  • new laws 2017

The Importance of Employee Handbooks

Many employers wonder whether it is important for them to use an employee handbook. Simply put, it is. Handbooks are invaluable tools for both employers and employees. In this podcast, attorney Josh Nesser discusses why handbooks are important, the information that should be included in handbooks, and how handbooks can be misused, among other relevant topics.

  • employer
  • employee
  • handbook
  • labor law
  • at-will employment

Proposed New Tax Regulations for Family-Controlled Businesses

The Treasury Department has proposed new Section 2704 regulations which will severely curtail the use of valuation discounts for transfers of interests in family-controlled businesses. If the proposed regulations go into effect as written, they will have a significant impact on estate planning for owners of family-controlled corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Estate planning attorneys Brian Warens and Jackie Luthringshausen explain these regulations and what you should do to protect yourself and your business.

  • valuation discounts
  • lack of control discounts
  • lack of marketability discounts
  • 3-year lookback
  • disregarded restrictions
  • applicable restrictions
  • gifting strategy

I was Arrested for my First DUI. Now What?

This podcast, with defense attorney James Doerr, focuses on what the first-time DUI offender can expect at his initial court appearance and what to do to prepare for that appearance.

  • arraignment
  • warning to motorist
  • notice of summary suspension
  • ticket
  • DUI traffic citation
  • petition to rescind the statutory summary suspension
  • alcohol and drug assessment

Finding Home: Everything You Need to Know - and do - for Home Buying Success

More and more young people have decided to become home owners and are beginning the multi-step process of finding and buying their first home. In this podcast, real estate attorney Kelly Anderson is joined by author Michael Trickey to discuss how to succeed in the home buying process. The discussion centers around Mr. Trickey’s book “Finding Home: Everything You Need to Know – And Do – For Home Buying Success.” Anderson and Trickey answer a multitude of questions that first time home buyers ask and explain the importance of using real estate professionals at appropriate points in the process.

  • financial foundation
  • affordability
  • housing needs and wants
  • location choice hierarchy
  • online home search sites
  • realtor
  • contract contingencies
  • home inspection

Land Trusts: Why Use Them?

There are a host of ways to hold title to real estate. But depending on the circumstances – some are better than others. Illinois is one of just a handful of states that actually has a statute on record addressing land trusts. But what are they and why use one? Listen in, as attorney Kelly Anderson answers these questions and more.

  • land trust
  • investment property
  • privacy of ownership
  • trustees
  • property transfer

Felony vs Misdemeanor Charges: A Discussion.

In this podcast, defense attorney James Doerr focuses on the similarities and differences in the nature of misdemeanor versus felony charges; different focuses of representation, charging differences, procedures, evidentiary (discovery) differences, negotiation tactics etc.

  • felony
  • misdemeanor
  • evidentiary
  • discovery