Are you really independent? Using independent contractor status improperly can get you into hot wat

Calling workers independent contractors can save on payroll tax, but there are specific tests that must be met in order to qualify. What happens if you pay someone as an independent contractor and the IRS later determines they were not? What can you do to avoid this situation? Join Jim Voigt from Lavelle Law’s Small Business Practice Group and Susan Mairo from Mairo Accounting & Tax Services, Inc. as they discuss the do’s and don’ts for this important topic.

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Who will care for you when you can't care for yourself: Proper uses of Powers of Attorney.

A complete estate plan accounts for more than just what happens to your assets upon your death. It also plans for how your financial and medical affairs will be handled in the event of your incapacity. Join Lavelle Law, Ltd. for a discussion of powers of attorney, and how they can ensure that you will be taken care of when you can no longer manage your own care.

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