Outsourced But Not Forgotten: IRS warns about use of payroll services.

IRS warns that employers remain liable for errors and unpaid taxes even if they are the fault of a payroll service. We will discuss the legal issues that can arise from payroll tax problems, and will hear from a payroll industry insider on selecting and good payroll service, what to expect, and how to ensure compliance.

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The Most Common Mistakes in Estate Planning.

Estate planning is something we often put off, sometimes until it is too late. Why it is important to have an estate plan? Who needs an estate plan? What are the most common mistakes made in estate planning and how can we avoid them?

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Commercial Leases: The devil is in the details.

A commercial lease can be the single largest liability of a small business, and is often the most important asset of a commercial landlord. From both perspectives, what are the critical mistakes to avoid when entering into a commercial lease?

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