Mandatory Commercial Arbitration in Law Division: Parties Beware!

As of October 1, 2016, Mandatory Arbitration is now required for commercial cases assigned to the Commercial Calendar Section of the Law Division. There are various requirements for ensuring your arbitration is successful. Attorney Jennifer Burt Tee explains the commercial arbitration process.

  • arbitration
  • law division
  • rejection
  • award
  • waiver
  • mandatory
  • commercial

Domestic Battery Charges – An Update

This podcast, with attorney James Doerr, focuses on frequently asked question regarding domestic battery cases. We expound upon a prior podcast conversation.

  • domestic battery
  • domestic violence
  • orders of protection
  • misdemeanor
  • felony
  • household members

New Illinois Child Support Law

Child support laws in Illinois have completely changed beginning 7/1/2017. This podcast, with attorney Amil Alkass, summarizes the new child support law.

  • child support
  • new child support law
  • income sharing
  • modification of support

Discovery in Criminal Cases

This podcast focuses on the Discovery process in criminal cases, the differences between types of cases and discovery permitted (misdemeanor vs. felony cases), and possible sanctions for discovery violation.

  • discovery
  • motions
  • subpoenas
  • felony
  • misdemeanor
  • brady violations
  • schmidt discovery
  • sanctions
  • dismissal of charges

Pet Trusts

In this podcast, attorney Jackie Luthringshausen explains the purpose, structure, and advantages of establishing a Pet Trust for your beloved pet.

  • pet trust
  • pet trust act
  • POAP

Perfecting a Subcontractor's Mechanics Lien

There are several steps a subcontractor must take to perfect a mechanics lien and make it valid and enforceable. Find out what those steps are in this informative podcast with attorney Lance Ziebell.

  • subcontractor
  • mechanics lien

IRS Hires Private Debt Collection Agencies

In an attempt to increase government collection of taxes, the IRS has contracted with 4 Private Collection Agencies to have them assist in collection against taxpayers. In this podcast, attorney Tim Hughes explains how this affects taxpayers and what you should do if you are approached by a debt collection agency.

  • tax debt
  • collection agencies
  • hardship

Estate Planning in the Digital Age

As our lives become increasingly digital, it is important that our estate plans protect our digital assets. In this edition of Chicago’s Legal Latte, we are joined by Attorney Christopher Mackey who discusses how to ensure that your digital assets are properly addressed in your estate plan.

  • digital asset
  • estate plan
  • digital
  • power of attorney for property

Asylum in the United States

Asylum may be an appropriate form of protection under immigration laws for foreign nationals who are already in the United States and who have been or fear persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion. In this podcast, attorney Vishal Chhabria addresses many important particulars regarding the asylum process in the U.S.

  • USCIS form I-589
  • asylum
  • withholding of remove
  • convention against torture
  • refugee
  • work authorization
  • persecution
  • green card
  • EOIR
  • affirmative asylum
  • defensive asylum
  • deportation defense


In today’s business world, it is becoming more challenging than ever to differentiate one business from another. Investing in a trademark is a good way stand out. In this podcast, attorney Ted McGinn explains the process and the critical steps you must take in order to establish and protect a trademark.

  • trademark
  • Infringement
  • design
  • Servicemark