Jury Trials

In this podcast, defense attorney James Doerr answers common questions regarding jury trials, jury selection and trial strategy.

  • sixth amendment
  • jury trials
  • jury selection
  • voir dire
  • jury waiver
  • bench trial
  • trial strategy
  • peremptory challenges
  • challenges for cause
  • common law system

Taxes are Due Next Month and I Can’t Pay Them. What to do?

Occasionally, events occur that prevent a person from meeting their tax obligations with the IRS. Attorney Tim Hughes, who has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in dealing with IRS tax debt issues, discusses various options for individuals who can’t pay their taxes.

  • taxes
  • debt
  • penalties
  • interest
  • collection
  • IRS

Federal Tax Liens

One of the first steps the IRS will take in collecting a past-due tax debt is filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. In this podcast, attorney Joshua Nesser discusses the impact of the filing of a tax lien and the options for resolving tax liens.

  • IRS
  • income taxes
  • tax lien
  • levy
  • lien release
  • lien withdrawal
  • lien discharge

What came first: the egg or the estate plan?

Advancements in medical technology continue to solve issues previously thought unsolvable. Two such notable advancements are sperm and egg freezing and in vitro fertilization, which allow couples previously unable to conceive a child to experience the joy of having a child. Nevertheless, these procedures present unique estate planning issues (such as, what happens to the unused genetic material?) In this podcast, Attorneys Brian Warens and Christopher Mackey explain what to do if you plan to freeze your reproductive material.

  • in vitro fertilization
  • embryos
  • Probate
  • estate plan
  • wills
  • trusts
  • children

Domestic Battery - A Primer

In this podcast, defense attorney James Doerr answers some frequently asked questions about domestic battery cases. He discusses basic charges, protected parties, negotiations with prosecution, and trial strategy.

  • domestic battery
  • domestic violence
  • orders of protection
  • misdemeanor
  • felony
  • discovery

Immigration Law Overview and Lavelle Law Practice Group Announcement

Attorney Vishal Chhabria, who heads up Lavelle Law’s Immigration Law practice group, discusses common issues regarding immigration law including: the Green card process for family and employment-based immigration; non-immigrant work visa overview; general considerations for application for naturalization (citizenship).

  • USCIS form I-130
  • USCIS form I-140
  • USCIS form I-129
  • USCIS form N400
  • H visas
  • L visas
  • P visas
  • consular processing
  • adjustment of status

Privacy Issues and Biometrics

Privacy issues have become more complex in the digital world in which we live. In this podcast, attorney Matt Sheahin provides an overview of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act and the current status of major cases filed under the Act.

  • biometrics
  • privacy
  • privacy issues
  • privacy act
  • digital world

Contract Basics – What Every Business Owner Must Know About Contracts

Contracts are used extensively throughout business. And if business owners are not careful, they may end up signing a contract that contains several unfavorable terms. This podcast, with attorney Ted McGinn, is designed to present basic concepts that any business owner can use when reviewing a contract.

  • contract
  • guaranty
  • non-competition provisions
  • breach

Two-Way No-Contact Orders

When people obtain orders of protection, often they find that the Respondent’s attorney wants to dismiss the Order of Protection and instead agree to a two-way no-contact order. In this podcast, Kristina Regal explores the benefits and pitfalls of these alternative orders.

  • order of protection
  • domestic violence
  • domestic abuse
  • court advocates
  • no-contact orders
  • stalking
  • harassment