Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Home

When selling your home, you may be left with many questions. From accepting an offer, responding to home inspection issues, and scheduling the closing, a real estate attorney will be able to walk you through the entire process. In this podcast, attorney Chance Badertscher answers the most common questions from home sellers.

  • real estate
  • title insurance
  • property tax
  • transfer tax
  • real estate closing
  • survey
  • condo association
  • homeowners association

What To Do When You’ve Missed A Court Date

This podcast, with attorney James Doerr, focuses on how bonds are set in a criminal case and the general procedures followed when a defendant misses a court date.

  • arraignment dates
  • bond hearings
  • arrest warrant
  • bench warrant
  • no bond warrants
  • I-bonds
  • D-bonds
  • motions to quash
  • emergency motion call

Accord and Satisfaction

What happens when two parties dispute an amount due and the debtor tenders a check to the creditor which states that the check constitutes full satisfaction of the debt and the payee cashes the check with the limiting language? Attorney Jennifer Burt Tee answers this question and others regarding “Accord and Satisfaction.”

  • accord
  • satisfaction
  • Payment
  • check
  • creditor
  • debtor
  • contract
  • settlement
  • debt

How Does Illinois Calculate Child Support?

In this podcast, family law attorney Michael Roth explains how child support is calculated in Illinois and how a new law may impact monthly payments.

  • child support
  • residential parent
  • shared parenting
  • non-residential parent
  • shared income
  • allocation judgement

USCIS Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-130 is one of the most common USCIS forms. Various types of petitioners use this form to help their alien relative get a Green Card. In this podcast, immigration attorney Vishal Chhabria explains who is eligible to file this form, the steps and costs involved in filing, and other aspects that encompass legally obtaining a Green Card for a family member.

  • USCIS form I-130
  • petition for alien relative
  • green card
  • lawful permanent resident
  • concurrent processing
  • adjustment of status

Did You Know…?

This podcast features several little-known legal nuances that can detrimentally impact a person’s ability to drive. Topics include Scott’s Law, Fake ID’s, Aggravated Speeding and Felony DUI based on lack of insurance.

  • scott’s law
  • suspension or revocation of driving privileges
  • fake ID laws
  • DUI
  • felony DUI
  • OUMV (operating uninsured motor vehicle)
  • aggravated speeding
  • misdemeanor
  • move over law

Jury Trials

In this podcast, defense attorney James Doerr answers common questions regarding jury trials, jury selection and trial strategy.

  • sixth amendment
  • jury trials
  • jury selection
  • voir dire
  • jury waiver
  • bench trial
  • trial strategy
  • peremptory challenges
  • challenges for cause
  • common law system

Taxes are Due Next Month and I Can’t Pay Them. What to do?

Occasionally, events occur that prevent a person from meeting their tax obligations with the IRS. Attorney Tim Hughes, who has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in dealing with IRS tax debt issues, discusses various options for individuals who can’t pay their taxes.

  • taxes
  • debt
  • penalties
  • interest
  • collection
  • IRS

Federal Tax Liens

One of the first steps the IRS will take in collecting a past-due tax debt is filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. In this podcast, attorney Joshua Nesser discusses the impact of the filing of a tax lien and the options for resolving tax liens.

  • IRS
  • income taxes
  • tax lien
  • levy
  • lien release
  • lien withdrawal
  • lien discharge