Airbnb Chicago Regulations

A few years ago, Airbnb came into the market and became popular very quickly as an online source connecting anyone with a space to rent with those looking for a temporary place to sleep. But with the new “sharing economy” which has also given rise to the likes of Uber and Lyft – and in response to constituents – namely the hotel industry, local government is finding that more local oversight is becoming necessary. On June 22, 2016, the Chicago City Council passed a new ordinance that imposes tighter regulations on the house-sharing industry. Albeit, many are still arguing the regulations aren’t enough. In this podcast, attorney Kelly Anderson unpacks the details of these new regulations.

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Attorney Fees and Leveling the Playing Field in a Divorce

In this podcast, attorney Amil Alkass discusses the issue of “interim” and “prospective” attorney fees in an Illinois divorce proceeding and addresses when a court will award attorney fees to a spouse from the other during a litigated divorce case.

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Income Tax Basis Issues as They Relate to S Corporation Shareholders

Income tax basis issues as they relate to S Corporation shareholders require an awareness that if overlooked can cause unexpected tax results for the S Corporation shareholders. When an S Corporation shareholder receives his or her annual K-1, a shareholder basis schedule must be included so that the tax preparer can properly report the shareholder's pro rata share income or loss from the S Corporation. In this podcast, attorney Steve Migala and his guest, David Diamond, a CPA and Partner with Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, discuss these important tax issues and explain how to avoid increased federal and state income taxes, penalties and interest upon IRS audit.

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Hassle Removed: Why Small Businesses Should Consider Using a Payroll Service.

One of the most common issues small businesses face is penalties, time lost, and hassles associated with calculating, paying, and filing required tax forms for payroll. Using a payroll service is a surprisingly affordable solution to this problem. In this podcast, attorney Jim Voigt and his guest, Stephanie Roadman Lange from Paychex, discuss why using a payroll service can save you time and money, and makes good business sense.

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The Recent Supreme Court DUI Decision

In June, the Supreme Court issued a decision involving warrantless search of DUI arrestees in the form of breath tests and blood draws. In this podcast, attorney James Doerr highlights the decision itself and the possible impact it will have on Illinois drivers.

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Get it in writing: Especially with Family and Friends!

Getting agreements in writing isn’t just about winning a lawsuit someday in the future. It’s actually about avoiding the lawsuit in the first place, which is especially important with family and friends. Learn how to get it right, without offending those close to you from attorney James Voigt.

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“I Know I’m Guilty, How Can a Lawyer Help Me?” - Negotiated Plea Agreements

The majority of charged defendants will either enter a plea of guilty or be found guilty by the Court. How can an attorney help in this situation? Accomplished criminal defense attorney James Doerr answers this and many other questions in this inaugural podcast of a new series, LIBERTY and the LAW.

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