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Limited Liability for Business Entities

Attorney Steven Migala explains Limited Liability for Business Entities - how to acquire and maintain it, and why limited liability is important to businesses and their owners.

Stripping off a Second Lien in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Timothy Hughes, a partner at Lavelle Law, Ltd. discusses Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and the conditions that must be met in order to strip off a second lien. Although this can be a complex legal matter, watch this video to gain some basic information about the variables and exceptions of the process.

Child Support and How it is Calculated

Attorney Amil Alkass describes how child support is calculated in Illinois and the determining factors that the court takes into account.

Anti-Kickback Statute for Home Health Operators

Ted McGinn, a partner at Lavelle Law, explains the Anti-Kickback Statute and how Home Health Operators can protect their business with the Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor. McGinn manages one of the few dedicated Home Health Law Practice Groups in the greater Chicago area.

Shareholder Agreements and Disputes

Attorney Matthew Sheahin discusses the elements of Shareholder Agreements, the common causes of Shareholder Disputes, the remedies available to the Court under the Business Corporation Act and the rights available in Financial Disputes.

Basics of a DUI Stop

James Doerr, an associate in the criminal law practice group at Lavelle Law, Ltd. discusses the hot topic of arrests for driving under the influence. One of the primary calls Lavelle Law, Ltd. receives on a regular basis are those involving DUIs. While we hope that you will not find yourself in this circumstance, watch this video to gain some basic information about handling a traffic stop if you may be at risk for a DUI.

Do I Really Need a Will? The Importance of an Estate Plan

From time to time you may see or hear ads featuring attorneys telling you that you need an estate plan. While Lavelle Law agrees that most everyone need a will, perhaps it’s best to make sure you know what an estate plan is and what it does. This video with Heather Walser of Lavelle Law, Ltd. in Palatine will review the importance of having a solid estate plan to protect your loved ones should anything happen to you.

A Message from Kerry M. Lavelle

Lavelle Law, Ltd. is a 20 attorney law firm in Palatine.  Our attorneys practice a wide variety of law from Family Law to Estate Planning, Criminal Law to Bankruptcy. Watch to learn more about our firm from founding Partner, Kerry M. Lavelle.

Illinois’ Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act

Interested in learning more about the new Medical Marijuana Law in Illinois? Cameron Monti, a Partner at Lavelle Law, Ltd. has authored a new book detailing the aspects of the new Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program in Illinois. Available on Amazon, “Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook” lays out the details of the new law and explains how it will impact various constituencies including employers, attorneys, landlords, patients, and those who will be operating businesses related to the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.