“Being part of the dynamic team of attorneys at Lavelle Law has been a truly rewarding experience. It is wonderful to work within a firm that has a demonstrated dedication to producing high-quality representation and value for the client, as well as a strong commitment to giving back to the community. The attorneys within the firm are truly experts within their field, and they each contribute to a collaborative, collegial, and entrepreneurial work environment ripe for professional growth. I can think of no better firm in which I can develop to my full potential as a skilled advocate for my clients.”

-Colleen Hurley

Experienced Attorneys - Laterals

At Lavelle Law Ltd., the quality and experience of our attorneys are among our greatest strengths. We offer unparalleled learning and development for all our attorneys, whatever their experience level. We are committed to making a substantial investment in our lateral hires by fostering an environment in which they are seamlessly integrated into our firm culture. Lavelle Law, Ltd. provides an excellent opportunity for attorneys seeking a change in their professional environment, while at the same time we offer a quality of life unsurpassed by most law firms. Lavelle Law, Ltd.’s practice is broad and diverse, the client base sophisticated and varied. The firm has a reputation for excellence in the practice of law. This excellence is reflected in Lavelle Law Ltd.’s commitment to providing a collegial, collaborative environment with an emphasis on continuing legal education, professional growth and career development. We are proud of our firm’s commitment to hiring a diverse background of attorneys, as we believe a diverse staff serves the needs of our clients better. Our lateral hiring varies based on the needs of our practice groups. We are an equal opportunity employer seeking talented professionals to join our team.

“As an associate here at Lavelle Law, I have learned how to deliver result-oriented solutions for firm clients, while honing my craft and gaining a strong understanding of the practice of law by working alongside seasoned attorneys. Whether drafting documents, meeting with clients, or preparing for and attending court hearings and depositions, these valuable experiences have helped promote my professional growth.”

-Ryan Gardner

New Attorneys

Lavelle Law, Ltd. seeks new associates among top law students who demonstrate that, in addition to excellent legal skills, they possess ambition, imagination, superior intellect, personality and professional integrity. We hire candidates whom we believe will be outstanding attorneys, enjoy successful careers, and become invaluable members in our law firm. Our recruiting effort is extensive. The Recruiting Committee interviews highly qualified second- and third-year students at top law schools throughout Illinois and across the country. We encourage law students, judicial law clerks and lawyers who have already begun their careers elsewhere to apply as well. We also welcome the opportunity to speak with students who choose a judicial clerkship or public interest opportunity before entering private practice, or who are undecided on the direction of their legal careers.