Law Students

“The Law Clerk program at Lavelle Law, Ltd. gave me a chance to gain substantive experience right away. It is an extraordinary place for me to build my skills as an associate.”

-Grant Kaiser

Lavelle Law, Ltd. provides law students with the opportunity to experience the practice of law at our firm through our law clerk program. Our firm actively participates in on-campus interviews and “meet and greet” functions at area law schools. In selecting candidates for the program, we consider a balance of academic success, strong interpersonal skills, and our firm’s present hiring needs. The Lavelle Law, Ltd. law clerk program reflects the firm’s commitment to legal education and professional development.  The program provides participants with the opportunity to experience the varied and dynamic practice of law and continued legal training, while experiencing the highest standards of quality in the practice of law at Lavelle Law, Ltd.

“For many law students, interviewing for attorney positions at law firms can be an intimidating experience. The interviewing experience at Lavelle, however, is nothing of the sort. When I first interviewed at Lavelle, everyone took the time to get to know me as a person and make me feel welcome. My experience as an attorney at Lavelle has been no different and our firm’s culture has allowed me to develop my skills as a litigator in ways I never anticipated.”

-Joshua Pagan

Our success is a reflection of Lavelle Law, Ltd.’s commitment of senior leadership to continue the pipeline of exceptional talent, the dedication of our recruiting committees and the commitment of all of our attorneys who provide law clerks with meaningful work opportunities, along with significant professional and social interaction. Our mentoring program provides a rewarding and realistic introduction into the practice of law at Lavelle Law, Ltd. and our culture of learning.

Our law clerk program is an invaluable window into our practice and firm culture. We provide our law clerks with something priceless: hands-on experience. As a law clerk, you will be assigned to select projects under the close supervision of our experienced attorneys. Your assigned projects will consist of substantive legal work, and may include: drafting briefs, memoranda and contracts, and may even include participating in client consultations and meetings, or accompanying a litigation attorney to court for hearings and trials. Such direct participation enables you to observe the way Lavelle Law Ltd.’s attorneys advocate on behalf of our clients in an effort to solve problems and create opportunities for our clients. In furtherance of our “open-door policy,” we encourage all our attorneys to give law clerks as much training and constructive feedback as possible. As a result, we are provided the opportunity to measure how likely a law clerk is to succeed in our firm’s environment.