Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Lavelle Law, Ltd. is quite simple:

"We believe that if we provide exceptional legal services that continually exceed the expectations of our client, and do so at rates that provide real value, we will have a client for life."

It is our ability to execute on this philosophy which truly separates Lavelle Law, Ltd. from the myriad of other law firms. This is precisely the foundation on which our law firm has continued to grow each and every year since our inception in 1989. While we have grown to offer a formidable range of practice groups that provide you with expert legal counsel and representation, we guarantee that your issue will always be handled by an attorney experienced in the matter at hand and that you will always receive prompt, personal and professional service.

We are committed to your satisfaction beginning with your first phone call or inquiry.

The common thread that weaves through many areas of the law practice at Lavelle Law, Ltd. is taxation. In addition to providing a full range of legal services, we have been retained as federal and state tax counsel in corporate acquisitions, complex bankruptcies, real estate transactions, divorce matters, and various litigation matters.

Whether your needs involve a modest real estate closing, a complex and sophisticated asset acquisition, or anything in between, the experienced attorneys at Lavelle Law, Ltd. can be counted on to provide the highest level of service. Our attorneys have law degrees from some of the finest law schools in the country. But because your needs are often driven by matters of finance, asset management and compliance, our team of skilled lawyers also hold MBAs, CPAs and LL.Ms to better serve your publicly or privately held corporate entity, as well as your personal financial and legal needs. If you need the best, most experienced representation at a fair price, you need Lavelle Law, Ltd.