Law Practice Management

Whether you are a young attorney just out of law school, or are experienced in practicing law, you may need assistance in your pursuit of creating and growing a successful law firm. The Law Practice Management lawyers at Lavelle Law, Ltd. can help you identify the office systems, personnel development plan, and best practices to develop a winning culture. In addition to guiding you through critical start-up decisions, we can share knowledge in establishing billing systems and procedures, social media and marketing, developing systems and checklists, and successful networking techniques. For those of you already in the field, we can provide firm valuations as we are experienced with small firm mergers, the consolidation of practices in the marketplace, and developing sound succession plans.

Our Services

  • Law Office Start Up Advice and Counsel
  • The Five Tool Attorney
  • Critical Start Up Decisions
  • Billing Process and Procedure
  • Best Practices Development
  • Firm Valuations
  • Revitalizing the Mature Practice
  • Small Firm Mergers
  • Creating a Winning Firm Culture
  • Social Media Networking and Marketing
  • Traditional Networking
  • Developing Systems and Checklists
  • Staff Development
  • Succession Plans