IRS DEBT RELIEF - What to do if you cannot fully pay the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) is the largest collection agency in the country and by far the most powerful; it is empowered by the U.S. Congress to take actions necessary to collect taxes owed to the federal government. The IRS’ wide-ranging power that includes but is not limited to liens and levies can easily create some fear among those who owe the federal government for unpaid taxes. Attorney Tim Hughes discusses the procedures the IRS follows in its collections process. Tim explains options available to those who find themselves owing the federal government for unpaid taxes. A common misconception about tax debt is that those who end up owing the government are “bad” people. Unplanned life events and outside factors can lead almost anyone into owing on taxes. Tim discusses what a person can do, when those events occur that create an unmanageable tax debt.