Success Stories

  1. Lavelle Law has regularly assisted families with handicapped or developmentally disabled family members in order to maintain any government aid being received by the disabled individual with the use of “special needs trusts.” This is a critical planning element that cannot be overlooked. With the appropriate planning, the disabled individual can receive luxury items and items of comfort without adversely affecting their government aid.
  2. Our attorneys take great pride in providing comprehensive, tax driven revocable trusts, pour-over wills, and Illinois powers of attorney for healthcare and property at fees far below the market rate, at the highest quality available. We take pride in providing extensive, high-level counsel to sophisticated clients.
  3. Lavelle Law, on multiple occasions, has provided tax and estate planning counsel to non-U.S. Citizens. With the use of a qualified domestic trust, married couples can still take advantage of the unified credit and position themselves to minimize estate taxes, when possible, on transfers between spouses. These are uniquely drafted trusts to maximize after-tax estate distributions to the second generation.
  4. Lavelle Law has documented and maintained various forms of grantor retained annuity trusts (“GRATs”) a part of, and as combinations of fixed term GRATs, layered GRATs and tiered GRATs to maximize the benefit of an appreciating asset and minimize the risk of loss of benefit from early demise of the grantor. Generally, Lavelle Law documents the GRATs as “Zero Gift” GRATs to be used in conjunction with, and not as a substitute for, an ongoing annual gifting strategy.
  5. Our tax attorneys have successfully defended taxpayers before the IRS on gift and estate tax audits specifically focused on gifting discounts for minority and marketability discounts of company stock or partnership interests.
  6. Lavelle Law has documented multiple family limited partnerships (and family LLCs) in order to maximize succession goals of the parents and children in the family businesses. Client goals are usually a hybrid of transitioning the business into the second generation and transferring value into the successive generations. Lavelle Law constantly monitors new court decisions and IRS publications on the IRS’s assaults on family limited partnerships.
  7. A seldom utilized estate planning device, which is often confused with “special needs trusts”, is the “payback trust.” Disabled individuals who have come into money as a result of a personal injury settlement or inheritance can establish a payback trust to avoid disqualification from government aid, and provide for luxury benefits for the disabled individual.
  8. Lavelle Law has documented a multitude of unique, charitable giving devices. We have monitored and documented inter vivos charitable gifts, as well as postmortem charitable gifts embedded in the wills and trusts of the client. In addition, as a hybrid of the two, we have documented charitable remainder trusts and charitable annuity trusts that provide instant charitable tax deductions in the year of the gift for the grantor, and provide family benefits up front and charitable benefits in subsequent years.