Success Stories

  1. Assisted a recently retired executive to launch a new company in his prior industry, incorporate an investor in a unique combination of lending and equity to provide startup capital, and successfully negotiated a series of management and services agreements necessary to formalize the business formation. The company is experiencing exceptional growth immediately, and we continue working with this client to develop robust client contracts, inter-company policies, and other documents and strategies.
  2. Working with a successful hedge fund manager to launch a new hedge fund and also provide high level recommendations on structuring the company in a way that avoids eventual estate tax to the maximum extent possible. We have crafted a recommendation that takes advantage of existing Unified Credit limits immediately to reduce risk of legislative changes in the future in a way that entirely eliminates estate tax for any new growth experienced in the new hedge fund, which is expected to be substantial and rapid.
  3. Working with an existing client who launched an entertainment and dining establishment several years ago, and is now bringing in a significant investor to fund growth and recapitalization of the company. Also working with this same client on launching a separate business entity to build and manage a new state-of-the-art facility with a careful eye on ensuring that the client is not at risk of any issues with running both companies simultaneously.