Success Stories

  1. Lavelle Law attorneys recently managed an extraction of multiple underground gasoline storage tanks on a site for redevelopment and submitted to the EPA under the UST reimbursement program for reimbursement and recovered for the costs of the remediation.
  2. Our attorneys recently negotiated a complex foreclosure purchase for a large retail user purchasing mixed use property with a myriad of inline tenants. The deal was complicated by the long foreclosure process, the interplay between the lender and court appointed receiver and the lack of documentation and representations by the lender and receiver on behalf of the seller. Thorough due-diligence mitigated the risk for the purchaser.
  3. Lavelle Law provided counsel, closing services, construction law services as well as municipal negotiations for tax incremental financing for a mixed use 125 unit condo/retail development in the suburbs of the greater Chicagoland area. The deal was complicated by unusual and complicated lending covenants, performance goals and deadlines in the municipal redevelopment agreement and the residential real estate market that came to a grinding halt 3/4 way through the sale of the development.
  4. Lavelle Law has participated in the documenting either on the landlord side and the tenant side over 700 leases, lease amendments, lease restatements, lease extensions and lease terminations for tenants in residential units, small inline retail users, office buildings, large box stores and industrial uses. In each and every case, unique nuances from the seller’s perspective or the tenant, make each deal unique requiring thoughtful preparation.
  5. Recently, Lavelle Law successfully negotiated a complicated shopping center acquisition, which included a large, regional tenant sublease and financing package for large independent retail store operator. The complexity of the transaction was heightened because of the sophisticated real estate management group as the seller, a long-term credit tenant sublessor, and a complicated loan assignment.
  6. Lavelle Law successfully negotiated a transformation of a lease into a commercial condominium purchase for a retail store whereby, at the conclusion of the transaction, the store owner owned a controlling interest of the shopping center, and affectively a veto right over all common area maintenance expenses and management.
  7. As a major part of representing developers, Lavelle Law has represented purchasers of countless shopping centers, both large and small, during the growth cycle of the development. Further, Lavelle Law has represented the developer in transforming inner-city infill sites as well farm fields to shopping centers with national and regional anchor tenants. Those developments often require recapture agreements, reciprocal easement agreements and ultimately, mechanics’ lien analysis.
  8. Lavelle Law has negotiated, on behalf of developers, sophisticated tax incremental financing agreements and sales tax sharing arrangements to benefit tenants. As part of the negotiations of such agreements, we have presented in front of village boards to explain the need and necessity of village entitlements to allow the project to move forward.