Type of BusinessSizeNature of Ongoing Work1M sq ft Grocery distributor$1.8B salesCounsel to the Board of Directors, truck leasing agreements, distribution agreements, member loan documentation, executive compensation and contract issues.Conveyor/metal fabricator$20M sales"Large metal fabrication, conveyor design and manufacture in 4 states and Mexico. Multi-store distribution and licensing agreements."Multiple grocery store chains"$1B and less; 3 chains with 8 or more stores (known industry wide)""Complex commercial real estate, regulations, HR, anchor tenant leasing and real estate development."Software installer$20M salesGrowing company and HR contractsPresident and Founder of Nasdaq listed company selling leading-edge nutritional products"$85.4M in sales, 68,000 distributors""Sophisticated estate planning techniques, layered GRATS, cascading GRATS, private annuity analysis and differed stock strategies."Home healthcare companiesKnown industry wideRegulatory management, governmental relations, core ownership structure and analysis.Successful restaurant chain$30M salesUnique commercial real estate needs, navigated third-party capital investment and private sales to equity parties.Financial services holding company, controlling Illinois chartered banks, and nationally chartered banks and an Illinois chartered subsidiary.Parent company hold $12B in assetsDocumenting unique loan issues, real estate based, and asset based lending and creditor bankruptcy counsel.Multitude of real estate developers"300 home developments, shopping malls, power centers and mixed use""Land acquisition, AIA construction documents, redevelopment agreements and recapture agreements, loan workouts and forbearance agreements."Milk and ice cream distributors$60M sales"Distribution logistical issues, truck leasing and general corporate issues.""Municipal law, representing multiple municipalities""Representing towns, villages and municipalities of 70,000 population""Redevelopment agreements, real estate dedications and land vacations.""Faucet manufacturer, the US subsidiary of the world's largest faucet manufacturer distributors to all 50 states, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Carribean"It's a parent corporation that serves 8% of the world marketHigh level HR issues for corporate executives.Major franchise restaurant in the Midwest"Owner of 29 franchises of the largest family service restaurant in America"High level federal tax work, tax accounting and corporate structure approval with IRS."Industry leader in microwaive broadband provider" "Service agreements, leases, technical access agreements,acceptable use policies."