Success Stories

  1. Recently completed the reorganization of a local restaurant chain from several separate and distinct business entities into a single umbrella company while still maintaining insulated liability between each location through wholly owned subsidiaries. Performed detailed tax analysis to ensure tax-free exchange treatment.
  2. Successfully resolved a long term shareholder dispute such that the opposing shareholder surrendered her shares at our clients’ desired price and our clients more than doubled their compensation from the company and assumed full control of all company operations.
  3. We currently serve in excess of 400 companies through our annual compliance service providing simple, efficient compliance documents and services to ensure each company maintains its good standing with the State of Illinois and preserves protection from liability for individual owners.
  4. Lavelle Law has successfully negotiated and implemented several tax incremental financing agreements for land developers in municipalities throughout northeast Illinois. For the negotiations of such agreements, we have presented in front of village boards to explain the need and necessity of village entitlements to allow the project to move forward.
  5. Our corporate compliance team recently overhauled our system to provide batch services to clients owning several companies. The changes resulted in a reduction of legal fees for the initial test clients in excess of 80%. Clients also reported that the streamlined and simplified new system allowed them to free up time and focus on building their businesses.
  6. Currently working with several clients on their ongoing company succession plans providing a mechanism to phase top talent into ownership slowly over time to avoid “transition shock” and ensuring that the structure used provides minimum tax consequence and preserves existing pass-through taxation qualifications.